Fall Family Photo Shoot


Philadelphia Lifestyle Photographer: Porch Session

Hello world, meet my favorite family. They are essentially the poster children of all my fall photoshoots. I know it’s wrong to have favorites, but just look at this crew!

Where do I even begin with these folks? Well, I guess I’ll start at the beginning, the beginning of my photography career. The Herrmans have been allowing me to capture their family for three years now! Getting to watch a family grow is such a special thing that I am continuously humbled by.

I have had the honor of working with Chris for a few years at Yes! And… Collaborative Arts where she holds down the fort with all the grace and patience in the world. With that spirit of collaboration ingrained in anyone who works with this great organization, we have been able to work together to decide on different location options and they are so down for whatever strange prompts I throw their way.  

This year we took a different approach to their family photos by taking them at their new home. I really wanted to add a nostalgic element to their photos and have them be a little more personal this time around. They really love their new home, so why wouldn’t they want to hang out on their own porch having tickle fight after tickle fight?

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