Holiday Couple Photos at the River Rink


I kept writing and rewriting this blog because all I want to do is gush over my gorgeous friends, but that’s not the purpose of writing blog posts. So I’m coming in HOT with some good content for all those photographers out there reading this.  

I get asked a lot about how I create connection in my photos and get people to look like they are genuinely happy. The short answer is, they are genuinely happy! I mean, I don’t know the depths of my clients' mental health, but when you see a photo of a client laughing, we are really all laughing together. And I mean we, I am constantly smiling behind the camera and I can’t really figure out why, I must really love what I do.  

Why am I talking about creating connection with a photoset of people that I know so well? Liz and I have been in numerous shows together in college, we have had incredibly silly times where she repeatedly pied me in the face and we spoke in Staten Island accents for basically 24 hours straight, and we have also had much more somber times where we showed up for each other. But the principal here still applies.

Getting your photos taken is a really vulnerable thing, so you want to make sure you put your clients at ease. I like to set them up in the way I want them, but then I just want you to be yourself! Look at each other, snuggle, talk, just do whatever comes naturally. I always remind my clients that whatever they are doing looks great, and I even like to show them a few shots in between so that they start to relax a little and know that they are looking great!  

As always let me know if you have any questions about this stuff. I’d love to chat with you!!

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