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In-Home Newborn Photoshoot

Staying Cozy with In-Home Sessions

I was tempted to just let these pictures speak for themselves. I mean, look at that baby face. Can it get any sweeter? But alas, I just loved this session with this sweet family too much to pass up the chance to gush. 

Most people don’t know that I used to work as a newborn photographer in a hospital. Taking photos of moms and their brand new babes was definitely a privilege; I can’t think of a time when a person is more vulnerable than when they just went through the labor of their child. 

But as I have established my own business as Philly’s Best Family Photographer, I have found that in-home sessions are my favorite option for newborns. For baby Scotland, she will not only have these great photos of her family, but also of her first home and neighborhood. 

In-home sessions are also great for handling the not-so-pretty parts of having a baby: nursing schedules, diaper blow-outs, and impromptu naps. We can snap photos in between you and your baby’s needs, making it as stress-free as possible. These sessions are also perfect for medically fragile tots that can’t handle the germs of the world yet. You can bet, as a former hospital photographer, I’ll be armed with disinfectant and hand-sanitizer, ready to capture your kiddo’s early days while keeping them safe at home. 

Whether it’s a couple, family, or newborn shoot, in-home sessions can give you that intimate, personal feel to your photos that will be treasured for years to come.