Modern Wedding in Old City Philadelphia


For a couple like Rachel and Pat who are embedded in the improv and theater community of Philadelphia, it makes sense that their wedding would reflect the sporadic nature of improv. That’s right -- they eloped.    

Not only did they elope, but this Philly couple were in Europe when they decided to tie the knot with their friends as witnesses. But when they got back stateside, Rachel and Pat decided to throw a big ol’ party at the Christ Church Neighborhood House in old city, complete with live music, BBQ, and a giant game of spin the bottle. 

 Before the party, I met up with the newlyweds to take a stroll through old city, capturing their magnetic energy in front of the bold red doors of Old Original Bookbinder’s and this cute little ice cream shop. And of course, no Philly photoshoot is complete without running into a Revolutionary War reenactment bar crawl. 

It’s hard to imagine that the theatrics of the reenactors could be rivaled, but rivaled they were by the party at C.C Neighborhood House. I have been around theater people all of my life, and yet I am always amazed by the pure energy, excitement and freedom that is evident in every dance move and facial expression. Rachel and Pat’s party was a true celebration of not only their love, but of real, raw, and joyous moments between true friends. 

The wedding world is changing – sure, there are still the big church weddings and first look photoshoots and bouquet tosses. And I am all for capturing those moments. But I am also all about capturing the candid, improvised moments of a non-traditional, laid back wedding.