Navy Yard Family Session

Philadelphia Lifestyle Photographer

WARNING: This post contains French Bulldogs and a baby with incredibly chubby cheeks, prepare yourself for cuteness overload!


As some of you may know, I recently went on a little trip to Austin, TX for SXSW and it was amazing. So amazing that I threatened to never come back to Philly on multiple occasions. But after being back in Philly for almost a week now, I’m not sure I’m ready to give up on this town. There is just something so great about this place that I can't quite put my finger on. It might be the rudeness of the people, the disgustingness of the food we are known for, or maybe it is all of the little hidden gems across this city like the Navy Yard pictured below. Whatever it is, I can’t get enough. As nice as Austin was, it might just have to be my favorite vacation spot for now.  

Now back to what you all came here for, the pictures! I absolutely love the variety you can get with taking photos at the Navy Yard. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them and hanging out with this amazing family.

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