Old City Maternity Session: Philadelphia Lifestyle Photographer

Philadelphia Lifestyle Photographer

Talk about an absolutely stunning family! The McKants found me through Instagram of all places and we hit it off right away. They were so excited about getting photos done because it had been sooo long since their last family session.  

We chose to do some photos around Old City because their wedding photos had more of a city vibe to them and they wanted to bring that vibe over to their family photos. It’s that little attention to detail that I love! Even if that specific location doesn’t have a particular meaning to you, if it reminds you of something sentimental it will make your photos that much more special.  

There is no shortage of historic buildings or green space around Old City, but my favorite part of the evening was finding this perfect little stream of golden light in the distance which I pointed to like an explorer and said, “walk to the light, quick!” They were admittedly a little skeptical as to why I was so excited about this patch of light, but when I showed some of the straight out of the camera shots, they were quickly on board.

Working in a city can make it difficult to get those golden bursts of light because buildings are usually obstructing most of the light and our wide open fields are few and far between, but I was over the moon when I found this little ray of sunshine right at the end of our photo shoot.  

Take a look through this sun-soaked session and let me know what you think. Questions are always welcome!