Searching for a Wedding Venue? We present… a Venue Specialist!

Guest blogger: Mary Grace Hodge of MG the Venue Specialist


As you navigate the world of wedding planning, keep these four considerations in mind to guide you towards the right venue! 

1. Ceremony Location 

Where would you like your wedding ceremony to take place? 


You can get married at City Hall, your place of worship, a fancy hotel, a quaint backyard...the sky is the limit! In the state of Pennsylvania, you can get married almost anywhere (and you don’t even need an officiant if you get a Quaker marriage license!)

Most venues in the region have the capability to hold both your ceremony and reception on site. However, some venues charge extra to hold the ceremony on site. Just make sure you read that fine print. 

2. Where to Get That First Look 

A first look allows the couple to have a private moment together, seeing one another all dolled up before everyone else does. 


First looks are even better if they are in a place that holds meaning for both of you. Perhaps where you had your first date, where you met, or where you fell in love. But they aren’t for everyone. Whether you’re more traditional or would like that moment to be shared by everyone at the ceremony, pictures can always be taken together after the ceremony. 

3. Indoors or Outdoors 

Do you want your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception all outside? Perhaps an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception? Think about the time of year you’ll be getting married and that should help influence your decision. Fun fact: it’s generally cheaper to add heaters than air conditioning! 


If you plan to have any part of the wedding outside, be sure to have a rain plan. As the great Andre 3000 said, “You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can’t predict the weather.” But even if it does rain on your wedding day, I’ve seen some incredible pictures captured by wedding photographers. Talk about rainy day romance

4. Wedding Photographer 

Whether your wedding is inside or outside, at City Hall or your church, it will all be documented through the lens of your wedding photographer. 


When selecting your wedding photographer, you want to ensure that your personalities and styles mesh well. Check out their website to get a feel for their pictures and make sure you are up front in your consultation about your wants and needs. Remember that they are a professional artist, so listen to their suggestions, too, if you want to be blown away by the end result! If you invest in the right wedding photographer, you’ll be rewarded with incredible pictures! 


Mary Grace Hodge is the Founder & CEO of MG the Venue Specialist. She has her Masters in Tourism and Hospitality Management from Temple University and started her own company as a venue sourcing specialist after a successful career in the Philadelphia beer industry. She consults with clients to learn about them and their occasion to pair them with the perfect venue. 

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