Tips on What to Wear to Your Photoshoot

Philadelphia Lifestyle Photographer

I’m here again attempting to answer another common question I get. What should we wear to our session?

If you’re a long time supporter of my photography business, then you’re probably tired of hearing this, but I am a candid lifestyle photographer. What that means is I like to capture what makes you, you and I would say that goes for your clothes as well. I want you to wear things that you actually wear and that makes you feel great!

Here are a few general guidelines to make picking out your outfit easier.

  • It is better for your outfits to go, instead of match.  

    • Long gone are the days of matching white shirts and khaki pants. The colors you wear should coordinate but not match exactly.

  • You should all be dressed for the same occasion.

    • If one person is wearing a formal evening gown(not recommended) and the other is in a t-shirt and jeans you will look very strange standing next to one another. Make sure that everyone is at the same level of dressed up or down.  

  • Solids are timeless

    • Patterns are great, but too many patterns can make a photo look a little crazy. Pattern trends come and go, but solids are here to stay so when looking for what to wear make sure that more solids are going on than patterned clothes and you will be good to go.   

  • Wear/pack clothes you can move in  

    • If you read my location scouting blog, you know that I LOVE variety. But variety means walking around a bit, so make sure your outfit allows for that.  

  • If all else fails, call me!

    • I love helping clients pick out what to wear to a session. Send me pictures of your possible outfits and we can figure it out together!

I want you to feel and look as comfortable as possible in whatever you decide to wear, because getting your photos taken can be really vulnerable. But when you are wearing your favorite sweater, you feel like you can conquer anything. So put on that sweater and let’s make some magic!