Top Locations for Engagement Photos in Philadelphia

So you’re engaged, CONGRATULATIONS!!! A million things must be running through your mind right now, but I am here to put you at ease. Picking a location for your engagement shoot should be easy, which is why I'm giving you my top location picks for engagement shoots!

Percy Street Project

Murals around the city  

We are so lucky to be surrounded by giant pieces of art in pretty much every neighborhood in the city! I love using these murals as the backdrop to your photos. A recent session that I did, which I just love, was at the Percy St Project in South Philly. Bright colors plus neon lights, it doesn’t get much better than that. 

The Navy Yard 

The Navy Yard is quite possibly the coolest place ever. I really love it when a location has a ton of different looks so that your photos don’t all end up looking the same. At the Navy Yard, you get an industrial look, giant boats, water views, and whatever cool installation Urban has got going on. 


Bartram’s Garden 

You just can’t go wrong with the variety this place offers. There are tall wheat fields, lots of trees, easy access to the river, a historic estate, a playground, and a great view of the city! Can you tell I love it here? Just one photoshoot can look like an entire vacation. 

Mosaics around South Philly  

Philly is also known for its mosaics. There are tons of spots around South Philly near Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens where you can see some iconic mosaic wall art. Having this as the backdrop to your photos adds some fun texture and a different look!  

Art Museum Engagement Photos

The Art Museum

Want some Philly inspired pictures without being super touristy? The park behind the art museum is perfect for that. I don’t want to sound too redundant, so I’ll just say it also has something to do with variety. Boathouse row, beautiful gazebos, green space, the freaking art museum! It’s a stellar spot. 

Queen Village Engagement Session

Your Neighborhood 

Live in a cute neighborhood? I love taking photos of you and your partner walking around and visiting some everyday spots. Philly is such a beautiful city with all of its character and history, and I love being able to take advantage of that.  

Your Home 

Sometimes the comfort of not having to leave your home is just what you need to loosen up in front of the camera for your photo session. Your home doesn’t need to be “Pinterest Perfect” for your session; it just has to look like YOU. 

While these are a few of my favorite spots, I am always open to suggestions if you have another place in mind(I've been dying to do an engagement shoot at Cherry Street Pier since it opened!). So there you have it, my top locations for an engagement shoot in Philadelphia. Can’t wait to work together soon!